Your decision + Incorrect data =WRONG

Your decision + Correct data +
Measurement and monitoring system=RIGHT

Project supported by EAE Business School
Project funded by ENISA as R&D


We allocate more than 10% of our annual budget to researching new processes and products to enhance the quality of our products and services.

Data validation system

Our research has equipped us with a solid database of tested data, allowing us to correct for employee biases through statistical methods that ensure that data are reliable in order to enable sound data-driven decision-making.

Patented algorithm

Through the study and analysis of numerous sales and relationship marketing campaigns, POS CRM has developed the necessary algorithms to ensure that our software is statistically correct.

Technology available to clients

POS CRM software is and always will be developed using the most innovative and suitable technologies so that our clients can access and process their data anywhere and anytime.

Business Intelligence

Instant access to data is only helpful if the data are accurate. POS CRM offers retail business intelligence that lets you see, analyze and measure: marketing campaigns, sales target management, sales analyses, inventory, sellers, tourists, etc.