Digitize sales management

Design your sales target plans
Monitor target achievement
Track from POSs
Manage your commercial strategy

Implement management by objectives in your retail business

Make management by objectives a reality: set sales targets and plan durations, select plan participants, and set incentive pay.

Equip your teams with dashboards to track target achievement anywhere on any device.

Analyze results, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your business.

Compatible with the main store management software solutions and ideal for the commercial management of department store POSs.

Custom design your sales target plans

Choose the plan’s duration, select the boundary, and set the rules for target achievement. POS Manager lets you tailor your sales target plans to your business’s needs. We will help you achieve your business goals.

Set sales targets for areas and POSs: manage your retail business from POS Manager

Choose who sets the targets and the size of each sales area, track targets against your business pillars, etc. Implement management by objectives with POS CRM.

Track target achievement from the target achievement dashboard

Multidevice and accessible from the POS. Target plan participants can track their progress on an attractive sales target dashboard.

Manage pay for hitting targets from POS Manager

With the frequency you choose, POS Manager will create a sales target close-out document to help you manage payments to employees according to the defined criteria.



Monthly payments, no commitment

100% flexible