Management of multi-channel relational marketing campaigns

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Lance efectivas campañas de marketing segmentadas a sus clientes

Multi-channel campaigns, email, SMS, postal mail, calls. Do not stop reaching your customers, you have all the means.

Because each client is a world, perform segmented campaigns to match the interests of their customers.

Always easy, fast and intuitive. 5 simple steps allow you to adjust your campaign to the maximum to achieve your goals.

Control all aspects of your campaigns

With POS CRM you will have all the tools to define your campaigns, demographic segmentation, segmentation by behavior or purchase preferences, election and scheduling of start and end dates of the campaign.

The impact of your campaigns, measured in detail

Once your campaign is launched, you can track its impact through statistics, such as the email opening rate, the customer’s electronic profile (mobile, PC, etc.). Because after a successful campaign, we can always go even further.

Because time is money, we make it even easier

With the use of automatic emails and templates you can generate greeting campaigns for birthdays or welcome your customers and create new campaigns based on a base that already works and modifying the necessary with a complete editor.

If you already have a job done in advance, take advantage of it

With the external campaigns tool you can include all your clients in your next campaigns through the import from an Excel document.



Payment per campaign

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